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All our products are chosen with performance, controllability and efficiency in mind. With 8 different ranges to choose from we will have the right solution for you.

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Which Type of heating is the most efficient and gives the best performance?

The performance and efficiency of your home heating is paramount to creating a healthy, warm and comfortable home and our focus is always to recommend the best type of heating products to suit your personal requirements.

Merinal energy offer options using the most efficient storage heaters and the latest most efficient electric radiators complete with thermostats and timers. Depending on your heating needs it may be that a storage heater is best in some rooms but in others the right option is to replace storage heaters with electric radiators. The object of your free survey is to determine if storage heater removal is best for your home. If you have old outdated storage heating, using old style simple automatic or manual designs, modern night storage heaters may be the best for you keeping the benefits of economy 7 heating or it may be better to install modern energy efficient electric radiators instead.

Electric radiators or storage heaters?

There are many types of products available on the market and the choice can be confusing and we are asked many times “which is best “storage heaters or electric radiators?” Without carrying out a heating survey to check your homes level of insulation and how you prefer to use your heating during different times of the day it’s difficult to answer correctly.

How efficient are our products?

We offer a full range of heating types, so we don’t focus on trying to make one type of product sound better than another. We only use the most modern LOT 20 approved electric radiators or LOT 20 storage heaters. Our high heat retention storage heaters and smart storage heaters are better insulated and able to store heat that can be used when you need it. Their heat output is also controllable via our built in programmer, rather than just emitting heat constantly throughout the day. Our high heat retention storage heaters are fan assisted to increase warm up times.

Changing from Storage Heaters to Electric Radiators.

With electric heating using radiators again we supply and install only energy efficient electric radiators, which can be either oil filled radiators or dry technology oil free radiators sometimes called thermal inertia radiators. We don’t use electric ceramic radiators or storage radiators with a clay core. We only supply and install premier electric radiators and only if storage heater replacement is the correct option for you. We don’t remove economy 7 night storage heaters unless a free heating survey confirms that replacing night storage heating with electric radiators is better for you.

Which heating is the most efficient with the best performance for your home?

Book a Free Survey and find out what heaters are best for you. If you are happy we can then organise everything for you from removing any old or broken heaters, the supply of the best type of electric heaters from our wide range of products and their installation by trained installers.